Interpreting Services. For the World of Today
We work with a select Team of Interpreters from Recognised International Professional Bodies
Interpreting services delivered throughout the world by registered interpreters from associations like AIIC, Assointerpreti, AITI, BDÜ, IMIA and SFT, with wide-ranging subject experience and in all language combinations.
Simultaneous Interpreting
The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) defines this as "the process of rendering a spoken or signed message into another spoken or signed language, preserving the register and meaning of the source language".
Distance Interpreting (DI) or Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)  
This innovative high-tech service enables multilingual conferences with simultaneous translation provided remotely. The interpreters are not physically present at the venue with the speakers and audience but work via a virtual platform.
Consecutive Interpreting & Chuchotage
This method is the best suited and most widely used form of interpreting for official presentations, press conferences, speeches for small groups or gala events, and face-to-face commercial negotiations. The interpreters are in the same space as the participants and are not seated in a separate booth.
Equipment for Simultaneous Interpreting for Multilingual OnLine and OnSite Conferences
Equipment hire for online simultaneous interpreting
Systems for simultaneous interpreting via remote platforms/hubs – any place, any time.
Equipment hire for onsite simultaneous interpreting
Systems for simultaneous interpreting; portable interpreting equipment for short meetings and guided tours; technical kit for a high-quality interpreting service.
Sign-Language Interpreting Services
Our professional sign-language interpreters enable communication between hearing and hearing-impaired people, translating speech to sign language and vice versa. We work with Italian (LIS), American (ASL), French (LSF), British (BSL), Spanish (LSE), German (DGS) and Japanese (JSL) sign languages.
Conference Hosting and Assistance
To complete the range of services for the conferencing world, Art Traduzioni & Interpretariato falso offers hosting and assistance. Our specialist professionals can set up back offices and run information desks, using their language skills and experience to make your event run smoothly.