Law, Contracts & Regulatory Compliance
A Specialist Panel of Trusted Legal Linguists and Certified Court Translators for your Forensic and Notarial Translation Projects
The legal sector is large and diverse, and Art Traduzioni & Interpretariato provides services for notaries, law firms and estate agents. Experience, reliability and professionalism are the core values that make us the supplier of choice for:
To translate Powers of Attorney, Corporate Charters, Articles of Association, Financial Statements, Notes thereto, Shareholder Meeting Minutes, Property Sale Deeds and Company Certificates (Chamber of Commerce Documentation, Historical Company Searches and Bankruptcy Searches).
Law Firms
To translate Judgments, Appeals, Petitions, Summonses, Letters Rogatory, Audits, Contracts, Requests for Legal and Regulatory Documentation, Bankruptcy Procedures, Technical Reports, Legal and Regulatory Documentation, Tenders, Civil Proceedings, Non-Contentious Proceedings, Licensing Agreements and Arbitration.
Estate Agents
To translate Notarial Deeds, Company Records, Powers of Attorney, Property Sale Deeds, and Deeds of Gift.
Interpreting at Notary Offices
We offer specialist interpreting services at notary offices for Property Sale Deeds, Powers of Attorney, Deeds of Gift, Deeds of Inheritance and other types of document.