Dietary Supplements and Herbal Products
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The dietary supplement and herbal-product market continues to expand, for various reasons. Consumers are increasingly careful about their wellbeing and health; their trusted pharmacists are naturally well-placed to advise them about dietary supplements; and family doctors and medical specialists are using supplements in their clinical practice too. This desire for wellness is spurring a growing demand for supplements, with many imported from overseas. Hence the need to translate the accompanying information, product sheets and leaflets that the regulatory authorities must authorise before the products can enter the national market.
Dietary Supplements
Dietary supplements provide a nutrient boost to complement the daily diet. They are a rich source of vitamins, minerals or other elements with a nutritional or physiological effect – like fibre, amino acids, essential fatty acids and vegetable extracts – sold in dose form, alone or in combination.

We specialise in translating Leaflets, Product Sheets, Labels and Information for Consumers and Healthcare Professionals.
Herbal Products
Herbal products are therapeutic formulas made with the active ingredients of medicinal plants. They can be sold without a licence, as they are not medicines, although some have a pharmacological effect.

We specialise in translating Leaflets, Labels, Product Sheets, Information for Consumers and Healthcare Professionals, and Technical Dossiers required under ministerial guidelines for supplements containing herbal components.